Data is collected from all the major auction sites, which is twice as many as our competitors. All data is clearly displayed with a link back to the source of that data. This ensures that you can verify all the data used in our investment platform.


Access to real-time information 24/7. Dreck Check’s cutting-edge enterprise-level search engine delivers with the fastest load times on the market. You’ll always have access to an up-to-date price analysis anytime day or night.

Mobile Friendly

Dreck Check’s Investment platform is specifically designed to be as mobile as its users. There is no need to install any apps on your web-enabled devices. Dreck Check will work on any device regardless of operating system.

All Inclusive

Dreck Check is the investment search engine that collectors have been looking for, but beyond that Dreck Check is an all in one platform for searching, inventory management, events, news, and community chat.


Peace of Mind is knowing that Dreck Check does not and will not have any partnerships with any auction house. All data is displayed without influence. Dreck Check relies on ad revenue eliminating the need for such ethically questionable agreements.