NYCC 2019 Review

Posted on October 26, 2019
Dreck Check Opinion Written by Ankur

This review of New York Comic Con comes to you a few weeks after the show has concluded, as I am still recovering from a whirlwind of pop culture! Wow, what a show! If you have never been and are close to New York, I highly suggest...Read More


Should You be Afraid?

Posted on September 30, 2019
Dreck Check Opinion Written by Ankur

It seems that with any hobby where significant amounts of money is involved, fear coincides with it. Looking at the comic art hobby specifically, it seems like there are three different types of fears that exist. Two are fears that I have noticed...Read More



Posted on August 28, 2019
Dreck Check Opinion Written by Ankur

This blog post will take a little bit of a different direction. While I try to be an optimist with most things in this hobby, there have been some trends which I find a little disturbing. But there is a light at the top of the Batcave! We...Read More


Amazing Auctions Last Week!

Posted on August 17, 2019
Dreck Check Opinion Written by Ankur

Last week featured another amazing sale by Heritage auctions. Some truly grail worthy pieces were in this sale, and the results did not disappoint. A few highlights included a copy of Captain America Comics #1 graded 9.4... Read More


The Inevitable Variant Bubble Collapse

Posted on July 19, 2019
Dreck Check Opinion Written by Ankur

Wow what a market right? I can’t remember in almost 30 years of collecting comics when the market was so strong and hungry for more. But honestly, it worries me. What I am not so worried about are big key books maintaining their value... Read More

MCU Train

Next Stop on the MCU Train–Phase 4

Posted on July 5, 2019

There seems to be no end to the momentum of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Avengers: Endgame has destroyed box office records, raking $1.2 billion in its opening weekend. The movie nearly doubled the sales of its nearest rival, Avengers: Infinity War... Read More


Don’t Write-Off the DC Extended Universe Just Yet

Posted on June 27, 2019

For more than a decade the comic book worlds have owned much of the Hollywood hype and have been creeping into television and streaming services like Netflix. Comic nerds and action/adventure moviegoers alike have helped the movie studios break sales records... Read More

Investment Strategies

Investment Strategies for Comic Books

Posted on May 28, 2019

Making money from comic books is not a hobby. If you’re going to invest in comic books, you need to start treating it like any other investment. Like stocks and ETFs, research is vital. It’s not as easy as “buy low, sell high”... Read More

Comic Book Investing

Comic Book Investing: A Peek at 2019 and Beyond

Posted on May 28, 2019

It’s been a wild ride for investment-grade comics the last several years. Hollywood has been moving the market with its succession of movies. The DC Universe has had lackluster success, in recent years. Meanwhile, Marvel has been killing it in the theaters, recently wrapping up Phase 3 of the MCU with the release of Avengers: Endgame... Read More

Comic Books

Comic Books Aren’t Just for Kids Anymore

Posted on May 2, 2019

Growing up loving comic books may finally pay-off. The growth of collectibles never dies out. Maybe you took care of your stuff like mother told you, perhaps not. Now you wish you would have... Read More


Speculating the Comic Book Market

Posted on May 2, 2019

Comic books are not precious metals but they can be valuable. As with other investments, their market price fluctuates. Knowing what to buy, when to buy, and when to sell can be difficult... Read More