Comic Books Aren’t Just for Kids Anymore

Posted on May 2, 2019

Growing up loving comic books may finally pay-off. The growth of collectibles never dies out. Maybe you took care of your stuff like mother told you, perhaps not. Now you wish you would have.

It Takes Money to Make Money

Making money in today’s comic book market takes a bankroll if you want to earn substantial profits. Stocking up on key issues from decades age may take tens of thousands of dollars to build a sustainable portfolio.

Investing in comic books is not child’s play. If you’ve got some mad money laying around, you may want to reconsider the stock market for a serious collection of comic books. Whether your goal is long-term growth or you’re looking to flip them, you’ll need discipline.

It’s difficult to predict what will move. Scarcity moves the market. If anyone can own them, where is the value in them? Set goals and stick to a plan.

Strategy For Investing

Making money in comic books may be nostalgic but it’s not easy. The price of a comic may rise 20 percent in a year’s time because of a film or TV contract. If you’re dropping big money on key issues, even a 5% jump becomes considerable. Having several copies of key issues can compound your earnings.

Comic books take time to bring solid returns. To increase significantly in value, there’s a good chance they were worthless at some point. How many of those priceless issues ended up in the trash? You can hedge your bets by following recent auction prices and keeping up with what Hollywood has in slated for release.

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