Comic Book Investing: A Peek at 2019 and Beyond

Posted on May 28, 2019

It’s been a wild ride for investment-grade comics the last several years. Hollywood has been moving the market with its succession of movies. The DC Universe has had lackluster success, in recent years. Meanwhile, Marvel has been killing it in the theaters, recently wrapping up Phase 3 of the MCU with the release of Avengers: Endgame.

The Near Future

Everything Spider-Man has been hot, of late. The MCU continues with the release of Spider-Man: Far From Home–expected release is July 2019. With several other movies slated to hit the big screens, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to cash-in. Let’s take a look at some key issues worth investigating for the near future.

Amazing Spider-Man #13

Includes the first appearance of Mysterio. High-grade issues are fetching tens of thousands. A December 2018 sale of a CGC 9.6 fetched $49,000. You can still reap rewards in the mid-grade market. As per usual, as prices increase on these lower-graded issues, gains will eventually affect top investment issues.

Amazing Spider-Man #212

Get in on the Spider-Man craze with this less expensive option. This issue hosts the first appearance of Hydro-Man. Since the news has hit about the latest movie release, sales have been breaking records.

Incredible Hulk #181

With the first appearance of Wolverine, there has been a frenzy for this issue. All grades are reaping big gains. Top CGC grades are demanding well over $30,000. Even low-grade copies are going for several hundred dollars. There should still be room to profit from this key issue.

New Mutants Vol. 1 #98

A very good investment for the investor who doesn’t have $50K or more to drop on a single issue. Prices have dipped a bit over the last year, but with the MCU’s scheduled release date in early 2020, it may be wise to pick up a few of these. The first appearance of Deadpool makes this a key issue worth taking a look at.

A Sign of the Times: Be Cautious

The death of Stan Lee sent shock waves through the industry. Signed issues have crushed it. As cool as it is to have a legendary signature, it is more important to realize that those signatures are not all that rare. Hoping to make significant gains will slowly wane and it is best not to get caught up in the hype. In the long term, those initial gains will turn to losses as their cool factor wears off.

There is lots of money to be made if you can anticipate the Hollywood effect. You’ll need to have some cash on hand. Stay disciplined. Be patient. Stay focused and buy/sell when there are profits on the table.

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