Investment Strategies for Comic Books

Posted on May 28, 2019

Making money from comic books is not a hobby. If you’re going to invest in comic books, you need to start treating it like any other investment. Like stocks and ETFs, research is vital. It’s not as easy as “buy low, sell high”.

As with any investment, timing is everything. Even before you buy your first issue, it’s important to have an exit strategy. Ask yourself a few questions before jumping in.

“What Are the Best Issues for Investing?”

Issues from the Golden and Silver Ages provide the best upside. Low and mid-grade issues can produce hefty profits for the right key issues. It’s smart to stock up on multiples of the same issue. The values of prominent issues are steadier and will limit overall volatility in your portfolio. Modern issues are like penny stocks–huge profits or just expensive kindling.

“What is an acceptable price to buy (or sell)?”

Do your research and set price targets for issues at various grades. When you find those key issues in your price range, snap them up. Check prices on different grades of the same issue. If there is a larger price gap between 9.2 & 9.4 than between 9.4 & 9.6, there is a better chance that the 9.2 will rise sooner providing you with a quicker return.

“How long do I plan on holding it?”

Set sell targets. Most likely, you have your eyes on rarer, more sought-after issues. “Buying up” is a good strategy. By selling lower grade, less expensive issues at a profit you can snap up the treasures you’ve been dreaming about.

It’s important to stay focused to buy (and sell) prudently. Set goals for yourself and try to snatch up issues on your wish list. Like any commodity, try to buy “on the dip” and avoid the traps of buying popularity or getting into bidding wars.

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