Don’t Write-Off the DC Extended Universe Just Yet

Posted on June 27, 2019

For more than a decade the comic book worlds have owned much of the Hollywood hype and have been creeping into television and streaming services like Netflix. Comic nerds and action/adventure moviegoers alike have helped the movie studios break sales records. The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has been attracting fans and has been a driving force in values of investment grade comic books. DC’s Extended Universe (DCEU) has shown some promise of late but overall, the franchise has experienced lackluster success.

The MCU’s Avengers: Endgame has brought a close to Phase 3 and an incredibly profitable twenty-two movie run. Spider-Man: Far From Home, the next movie is set for release in July 2019 before the studio takes a break. Meanwhile, the DCEU has made profitable strides recently with the release of Aquaman in December 2018 and Shazam! In April 2019. These last to films may be what DC needed to set a firm hook in their Extended Universe.

Let’s take a look at some key issues from the DCEU that may be worth a look at. A bit of a spoiler here, Code Word: BATMAN.

Batman Adventures #12 (1st Harley Quinn)

The issue that introduced Harley Quinn to the world. This issue has been holding its value over the last few years. Though there has been some fluctuation, investing would have brought you modest gains. Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn), is set to release February 2020.

Green Lantern #76 (1st Neal Adams)

Ryan Reynolds is starring in Green Lantern Corps., due out July 2020. With a release date over a year out, there’s still time to see some nice gains. After prices of some mid-grade and even high-grade issue dipped in 2018, they have started to rebound. Ironically, CGC 9.0 was the only issue to see a loss going into 2019, surely some kind of weird anomaly. This may a good time to snap up a reasonably priced issue that should catch up to other grades.

Batman #139 (1st Batgirl)

Though still a while off, this may be a good play now before all any fanfare hits. After The Avengers director, Joss Whedon backed out of Batgirl, the studio is still looking for a replacement. Prices have fluctuated for this issue, but for the most part, have been holding their value. This issue may be a bit riskier because the hunt is still on for a director, so a release date is yet to be confirmed. One thing to consider is that the loss of Joss Whedon has accounted for the slight dip in value. If you’re holding this one, it might be a good idea to sit on it patiently.

Other issues worth a closer look: Batman #232 (1st Ra's al Ghul, Neal Adams Cover), Batman #181, (1st Poison Ivy), and Batman #251, (Classic Neal Adams Joker Cover).

The Dark Knight is set to return in The Batman which as of yet, has an unconfirmed release date but is slated for sometime in 2021. It’s hard to make a bad decision by investing in key issues of this series. All grades of these issues take a big hit from time to time, but just like the stock market, they seem to resurface bigger, stronger, and pricier.

Many investors have shied away from the DC Extended Universe and opted for Marvel’s success at the box office. With years of movies in the works, many without release dates yet, you’ll need to wait a bit to pull profits off the table. If you’ve been holding your issues waiting for the right time, the next few years may present an opportunity to realize some impressive gains.

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