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Posted on August 17, 2019

Amazing Auctions Last Week! Written by Ankur

Last week featured another amazing sale by Heritage auctions. Some truly grail worthy pieces were in this sale, and the results did not disappoint. A few highlights included a copy of Captain America Comics #1 graded 9.4 San Francisco Pedigree that went for over $900,000! There was discussion before the sale on whether or not this amazing example would break $1 million, and it sure came close. With the global recognition of Captain America, I firmly believe this caliber example will continue to grow in value and will be worth well over 7 figures in the years to come. And I don’t feel any movie or lack thereof will change that. A sharp copy of Batman 1 graded 5.0 by CGC raked in $204,000. Considering this is the first appearance of both Joker and Catwoman, there is no surprise that this book continues to skyrocket.

In the art department, there were some ground breaking results for art by Sal Buscema! The sale featured two iconic level covers by Sal. One was the cover for Defenders #9, and the other for Captain America 137. The Defenders cover ended at $102,000 and the Captain America cover at $96,000. These results sent shockwaves through the art community as Sal’s art has never reached these levels before. He is a truly great artist and these covers were great examples of his work. Are the buyers of these seasoned collectors who know something we don’t? Or fresh blood with a hunger for wall worthy covers? Time will tell if they show up on comic art fans or other social website. Another gorgeous piece was a splash from Avengers Annual 1 by Don Heck which sold for $96,000. This was far above initial estimates by fellow collectors and dealers. The image was stellar, and for a large piece like this, I can understand how a collector with deep pockets would want this on their wall. Other highlights included a Frazetta cover for Creepy 17 which sold for $264,000. The initial bidding started slow with this one, but a flurry of bids came in once the ball was rolling. A sweet Barks Donald Duck and Uncle Scrooge painting went for $156,000. And as usual, Charles Schulz art continues to jump with multiple Peanuts dailies bringing over $25,000 each.

So yes you can see, good stuff goes for a good money. But how about stuff for the average collector? I know most of us don’t have a few hundred thousand readily available to spend on comics and art. So here are some lots I felt were good buys in the sale.

All American Comics 27 in CGC 6.5 for $1293. What a great cover on this one! The price was reasonable for this copy with off white/white pages.

Detective Comics 45 CBCS 7.0 for $3120. This book seems very underrated considering it’s the first full Joker story in Detective Comics. The last sale according to dreck check in a close grade was a CGC 6.5 in 2015 for $2629. This was a solid purchase!

A gorgeous Matt Wagner splash from Batman and the Mad Monk sold for $1860.

A very charming Carl Barks Donald color drawing entitled Bad Hare day went for $5700. A great entry level for Carl Bark’s considering how much paintings sell for!

Tim Sale Superman cover for $3900 seemed reasonable compared to what his Batman covers/pages sell for. Modern Superman art feels very undervalued, but that is a discussion for another time.

A John Buscema color Hulk illustration for under $1000! What a great buy!

As always, these are my opinion and you may feel otherwise. Collect what you love, but make sure you do some research in the process. Our website now allows you to search by artist so you can assess pricing trends. Click advanced search and select artist name. If we can help in any way, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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